Sunday, August 12, 2007

So many blueberries, so little time!

Last night we invited for dinner one of G's oldest and dearest friends with his adorable and charming French girlfriend. And since each time we have dinner at their house she whips up something delicious and memorable, I knew my menu would have to be extra special. I also knew that those juicy blueberries sitting on my counter would need to be eaten or frozen toute suite lest I find a pile of goop on my hands!

This is just to whet your palate before the next few posts about the extremely culinary day we had Saturday (hint: homemade mozzarella, bocconcini, and the big tada: a perfect paella!) and to hopefully get someone motivated to enjoy even more of the seasonal goodie that this recipe calls for...

The easiest and tastiest desserts I have created in a while and it's perfect for those warm summer evenings when baking is not an option, nor is missing dessert! Macerating these berries brings out their natural sweetness and kicks it up a bit for a really great, and well received dessert.

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