Saturday, August 18, 2007

From the east to the west, and everywhere in between

This mornings adventure was one of splendor. We woke at an un-g-dly hour to catch a train out from the eastern seaboard of Dublin towards the western parts of Galway and finally the cliffs of moher.

Ironically, the transportation was the most remarkable part of the journey. Travelling through the expansive and bucolic flatlands of central Ireland, we were greeted with a myriad of grazers dotting the countryside. Sheep, horses, cows and any combination there of were found in great quantity enjoying the lush green landscape. (forgive the photos taken out the window of our train at 50 kph in the rain)
Upon arriving to Galway we quickly found our bus to the cliffs of moher

En route we were greeted with the breathtaking hills common to the Burren, sprawling with their legendary stone walls to keep livestock safe while to the east the waves were breaking along the coast.
As if the trip itself were not worthy of several postcards home, we arrived and found ourselves here:

and here:

Where my words will fail to describe natures blessing of such a place.

Of course when we returned to Galway we were in desperate need of nourishment so we stumbled here:
to have some lovely Galway chowder and of course, a pint! After a brief stop in the loo,

We wandered around the city and were thrilled that these couch potatoes (meaning us and our Irish counterparts):

had ventured to a far land and met like minded city dwellers purchasing good from their local fish mongers:
Returning to Dublin found us in a fog of delight. If our trip ended now, we would be perfectly thrilled.

And another day is gone, with another day to look forward to tomorrow.
Thank goodness for a good nights rest.


Joe said...

Beautiful Pictures - I wish I was there!

amandajean said...

it is nice to see your photos of your trip so I can live vicariously through you. :)

Kristin said...

I so want some lunch from that wee pub. :)

Anonymous said...

Have the Irish shared any good recipes for irish stew yet???
Looks like an amazing place, enjoy!

nancy b

Barbara said...

Hi thanks for dropping by my site. Looks like you are having a grat holiday.

david mcmahon said...


Wonderful work. You are sharing a very special trip with us in a great way.

Thanks for giving us the privilege of looking through your eyes.

Of course, with my unquantified Irish heritage, it has great appeal for me, above and beyond the quality of your work.

Travel safe


inspired said...

amazing shots you've captured ;o]

Colleen said...

I've been to Galway. I love it there. IT was years ago as a teenager, your photos brought back so many memories!