Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a long strange trip it's been! (And a video of the Eiffel Tower at night)

So maybe strange isn't the right word to describe it but it was awfully funny sitting at a cafe in Paris this morning for breakfast then being home to eat dinner in our little place in NYC.

While the stories are too long for this jet-lagged girl to bear, I will share with you this little jewel of a video shot last night as the Eiffel Tower put on its spectacular light show.

Every hour on the hour the lights glitter and shine as a million little diamonds light up the sky. My warning to you is that the video is for some reason sideways but you can still see it in all it's glory.

More tomorrow with new pictures from London and Paris and a new adventure into the Farmers Market and back to the kitchen. I can't wait to share all the details.

For now I leave you with this:


amandajean said...

glad to know that you got home safely. the eiffel tower is lovely.

Anonymous said...

So happy you enjoyed your trip! The video was great. Paris is indeed the city of light. So very pretty!
Also glad that you are home and looking forward to hearing about the journey. You were missed.
Helen, David and Chico

jackie said...

welcome back! can't wait to hear more about the trip in person.

Anonymous said...

loved the video, must have been overwhelmingly awesome to have seen this in person!

glad you are home, anxious to see how your blog continues!


nancy b

citylivingcountrygirl said...

Amanda- thank you for all of your kinds thoughts while we were away and i'm very glad you liked the video...now if only i could figure out how to rotate it!

Helen- i missed you guys so much and was so happy to see you this morning. can we please have a bread making party soon?

Jackie- ditto on the comment to Helen, and I'm leaving in 10 minutes to meet you at the run with little Lola.

NKB- you are my hero. enough said :)