Saturday, August 4, 2007

creative leftovers

Friday night found me roasting (for the first time ever) an entire turkey breast, bone and all. Despite being very large and quite intimidating I think I can claim a mild success. However, I will note that the trepidation with which I approached this whole thing is quite entertaining. I was so frightened of the ever feared 'dry turkey' that I checked the temp on this bird literally every 10 minutes.

Enough of that. This is called creative leftovers because the entire ensemble of Friday nights meal performed a matinée the following afternoon to create this magnificent lunch.

Leftover ciabatta was sliced and serve with remnants of last nights salad including: fresh basil and roasted garlic dressing, carmelized onions, bibb lettuce and chioggia beets (they are so pretty, see them in this photo courtesy of Sliced roasted turkey was then layered followed by some fresh farmers cheese.

This sandwich served with juicy cherry tomatoes, haricot verts and a fresh kirby was a mouthwatering lunch (and dinner!) and a true celebration of the summer harvest. Thank you Union Square Greenmarket!


Jonathan said...

You're a brave one to cook a turkey in this summer heat. Glad to hear you made the most of the leftovers--for both lunch and dinner! When I see that picture, I wonder how anyone could dislike leftovers.

citylivingcountrygirl said...

Hi Jonathan!

We use everything that we have and like to get creative with act II. If all else fails it's into a pot for some veggie soup or pasta sauce. How could anyone not like leftovers?!

Thanks for reading!