Monday, August 6, 2007

Shhh... The NOT Carrot, Carrot Cake

In our house it's something of a joke. Not just the fact that I'm quickly becoming the bundt cake queen (I would much rather share the title 'Goodie Bag Queen' with my mother!), but more the fact that G has told me time and again over the past 4+ years how much he really does not *like* carrot cake. Funny, since it is his cake of choice time and again, blind to the 'secret spices' as he goes for seconds at each Viennese table.

This weekends appearance of mini purple carrot bundt (or is it bunt?) cakes were short lived, performing a magical disappearing act almost instantly, which is why you are stuck with a picture of their second cousins.

Baked Friday afternoon, three dozen of these little guys were all but a memory on Sunday morning. I guess they are the perfect treat for the unexpected guest, neighbor, and doorman. Not as imposing as slicing a piece of cake or bread, darling in all their cute bundt(bunt)-ness, and almost healthy in their inclusion of, ahem, not carrots of course!

This is a recipe adapted from my bible of sorts, the Joy of Cooking. My secret to a soft, almost sponge like cake is in the addition of vanilla yogurt in lieu of half of the oil. The other secret that leaves eaters guessing about the extra yummy 'je ne sais quoi' flavor is a heaping teaspoon of ground ginger in addition to the other spicy goodies!

I think my hubby was the culprit of at least 4 mini-bundt cake burglaries over the weekend guessing by the Hansel and Gretel trail of crumbs. Apparently he doesn't like carrot cake after all .... ;)
Purple Carrots! Like I said, if it's purple, I'm cookin' it...


david mcmahon said...

Gday from Australia,

I followed your link from your comment on Stacy's Rambling Traveller blog - she is a good friend of mine.

I noticed you said you're a novice blogger, but I think you've made a great start here.

As a career journalist and novelist, I'm always happy to help out.

You might find some handy advice on the posts `Bloggers deserve the house of lauds' and `Put you blog on the reader radar' on my blog at and if there is anything I can do to help, feel free to contact me directly.

Good luck

David McMahon

citylivingcountrygirl said...

Hi David!
Thanks for all the great advice. I'll be checking in on you and hope to see you back around this way as well. It's awfully fun to see a comment from so very far away. In fact, when the sun is shining this winter (your summer) could you send us a photo so we can liven up our site with some sunshine? (Fully attributed to you of course!)
Thank you for reading!

david mcmahon said...

G'day CLCG,

Certainly. My pleasure. You can pick and reproduce any picture you want from my blog - not an offer I make lightly.

Just let me know what you want ....

And yes, I'll give you summer pics in your winter. No worries



citylivingcountrygirl said...

Be careful what you promise...I may ask you to send along a photo of a koala skipping under a rainbow or something!
Also, if you want to see any parts of NYC let me know and I can easily photograph them for you. In fact, this might inspire a whole new blog on the streets of NY...
Can't you just hear the wheels churning away?
Thanks again for reading!

SteamyKitchen said...

What a beautiful photo!

countrygirlcityliving said...

Why thank you Steamy Kitchen! I saw some beautiful photos on your site as well.

Thanks for stopping by :)

*fanny* said...

Hi Linsay,
this is one gorgeous little carrot cake.
And the picture is absolutely stunning!


*fanny* said...

Ooooh no, I spelled your name wrong. Sorry for that.

countrygirlcityliving said...

Why thank you Fanny!

Please come visit again soon :)

All the best,