Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dubliners no more

For my last day flying solo in Dublin I decided to try my luck at a little adventure and was greatly rewarded for my efforts.

Following the footsteps of the two gallants in Joyce's "Dubliners" I wandered along the north side of Stephens Green to Kildare, up around Trinity College and found my way to the Pearse DART stop. Little did I know this was the route of Joyce's characters until I sat on the train on my way to Howth to read their tale. Needless to say I had a nice laugh to myself as I made the 30 minute commute.

I digress…

I arrived in Howth and was blown away by this quaint fishing town. Walking along the main street there were countless pubs to my right and to the left the majestic Irish Sea. The waters were dotted with sailboats and buoys happily bopping in the breeze. I found my way to a proper pub and had a sambo and a pint of Smithwicks, enjoying the crisp air and the vibrant blue-green surroundings.

After lunch I took a small hike towards the Summit of Howth village (highly recommended for the spectacular view). Heading back towards the great bay I followed one of the piers out into the sea and had some great views of the crashing waves, the southern peninsula of Howth and the gorgeous lighthouse at the end of the pier.

The day was made even more special as I made my way back towards the train station. I noticed the gulls becoming even more noisy above as the fishing boats began arriving at port. Just then I noticed a little nose sticking out of the water…wait…two noses. Now there were about a half dozen noses and beady eyes popping out of the sea which upon closer look appeared to be seals looking to score some of the fishermans loot. What a spectacular day, I wish you had been there!

On my return trip I met up with my darling hubby and found our way to Mulligans (his colleagues local pub of choice) where we had one last Guiness and a few nice laughs before hitting Market for dinner (cute tapas place that was also a joint of choice for the locals), stocking up on some last minute candies and heading home.

So now we are Dubliners no longer, but the memory of this magnificent city will not be forgotten.

*pictures to follow when we arrive in Paris, I promise. This hotel wants 20 pounds to get online…what am I a money tree??!?!?!


david mcmahon said...

20 quid to get online? WHAT?

We'll wait for the picture ....

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you guys are having a great trip. You will love Paris! Looking forward to reading more about your trip.
Helen, David and Chico

Colleen said...

This is a wonderful post. It sounds so dreamy and romantic! I love it!