Tuesday, May 27, 2008

T Minus 10...

Time certainly flies when you're having fun, and the whole pregnant thing doesn't hurt either I suppose...

This past week I realized, when speaking with a favorite relative who I hadn't seen in way too long, that I had been sorely neglecting this little blog. Now that I think I might have all the special side effects of this whole pregnant thing accounted for, I'm hoping that I can at least document the last little bit of this adventure so that little boy P will have a record that his mom was nuts well before he was born =)

Since last I wrote we made the big decision NOT to move to the country and alienate ourselves from our city centered life and instead take the wimpy in-between, wife appeasing, husband appealing, jump and move to Brooklyn. Yes, I know. Technically it's still the city so the title is not a total lie. Although I still think we have moved to the burbs. This is a fight that I will not win today so I won't bore you with my idiocy.

So here goes, I'll document the rest of this wild journey and share with you some fun recipes along the way. Unfortunately the move to the boonies (my BK friends are going to kill me for this one) meant the end of our quick walks to the farmers market. But hey, we now have doors. Multiple doors. Doors to open and close and to keep the boy away when I want to talk about surprise presents for birthdays....and for the little boy P to sleep soundly while mommy and daddy continue to be addicted to late night t.v. Oy. I'm weepy already. You see what this whole thing has done to me? Just the typing of the m or d word and I lose it.

If I'm feeling real masochistic I might post a photo of my new beached whale self. It's kind of cute, really scary, and all around strange. While I look forward to being a single resident human yet again, I am also loving my little boy's kicks and that at least for now I can protect him in my cavernous mid section. Which, speaking of, has recently acquired some new friends. Perhaps they are little road signs for the doctors lest they get lost! Creepy crawly lines that if only they had an arrow might tell of the little secret I am no longer hiding in my mid-section... Thank goodness for G. He went running to L'Occitane as quickly as you can say "only 100% shea butter s'il vous plait!"

That's all for now. The burrito we ordered for dinner is not only not photo worthy (in all it's authentically green gooped glory) but wasn't made by yours truly.

So little boy P, this is for you. And for anyone else who cares to hear what it's like during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, of the last bit of tediously slow, exceptionally awkward life pre-little one, really it's just the last bit of life before the biggest and potentially best adventure really begins.