Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A perfect day for a spot of tea

(pictures to follow)

We touched down at Heathrow around half past 8 Wednesday morning. Instead of arriving at our hotel and resting a moment, we found our way to the tube at Oxford Circus and parted ways. Hubby to work, me to explore a new city…

Despite the bitter winds and chilling rain (isn't it supposed to be summer in these parts too or did we leave all the sun in NYC?) I was able to find my way to Buckingham Palace just in time for the cancelling of the changing of the guards. Apparently the Brits aren't fond of venturing out in the rain!

No worries, like a good tourist I set off towards Westminster and Big Ben, taking note of how grand the structures actually look in person! (*footnote: pictures to be posted as soon as we get out of this nutty hotel and to a place where internet is included in exorbitant nightly rates :) I promise)

After a 4 hour trek through the city from Hyde Park along the Thames and up through SOHO, Picadilly Circus and back again to Oxford Circus it was time to give into the rain and head to the comfort of our hotel room. Dinner at Les Portes des Indes was quite nice, although I'm still choking on the bill. Hopefully there will be more fun to report tomorrow. Stay tuned if you dare!


jackie said...

Sun in NYC? It's been like Fall here. Wet, gray, cooooooooold.

Glad you're having such a great adventure!

Kristin said...

You need to find the Muji store in Covent Garden. It's one of my favorite stores in London, and I'm making every effort to get back there when I go next year.

Anonymous said...

with all the rain and cold, maybe you should trade in the chicken soup for tea and crumpets!

stay warm and dry, and, have fun...sounds like this is coming from an experienced mother!


nancy b

Colleen said...

Ok. I offically love your blog. I have been posting all over the place. The photos and the way you write is so inspiring to love life in the little things.