Friday, August 10, 2007

So I married a meat and potatoes guy...

Pan seared sirloin with a red wine reduction and baby bellas, lambs quarter in roasted garlic and smashed peruvian purple potatoes with garlic and dill

At the end of each week I like to prepare something a bit more extraordinary, a bit more exciting and a bit more...worthy of a Friday. So in honor of the plunging thermometer (as I write it is a mere 58 degrees), I thought I would make a nice hearty meal fit for a king. Call me old fashioned but after a long week of work there is nothing more rewarding than preparing a festive meal to share with those who mean the most to me, and in this case an intimate dinner with my husband was celebration enough.

While I cannot share the details of my secret steak marinade, the brown bits were mopped up with a lovely reduction that was used to cook the baby bella mushrooms with some fresh thyme.

The peruvian purple/blues are incredible after they are boiled for 15 minutes and then drained and tossed with dill and roasted garlic.

The lambs quarter was a lucky find from the farmers' market. With triple the health benefits of spinach and an even heartier taste, these guys will surely replace spinach at the table this winter. They also freeze exceptionally well and are laden with a ridiculous amount of anti-oxidents and beta-carotene, you can see for yourself if you are interested.

The next time you decide to indulge in a nice cut of steak, I highly recommend this Franciscan Cabernet (ours was 2002, it's incredible if you can find it) for a nice splurge. The depth of the berry and oak did a nice job standing up to the meatiness of the sirloin, picking up part of the worchester in the reduction (there's a hint for you!).

Enough reading and writing for now, it's time to enjoy Friday night with a glass of vino and the man I love... We will be back tomorrow.

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

This sounds wonderful - so hearty and warming. I love cooking special meals once a week to enjoy with my family. Your meal looks like a very lovely candidate!