Friday, August 17, 2007

On solid ground

We landed in Dublin early this morning and quickly became acquainted with this marvelous city.

Forgive any gibberish that may follow as I still have not slept!

This morning found us wandering around Grafton Street and over towards Dublin Castle.
Not being one for sitting in exhibits when there is a city to see, G and I stayed outdoors where we were quickly taken with these sand sculptures highlighing the 'seasons' of Dublin through the myriad of authors who hail from this fine city.
These fleeting sculptures represent the best of literary Dublin including Jonathan Swift as Gulliver, and a tribute to the greats of Dublin including James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde (my hero) and the list goes on...

Then we found our way to the famous Guiness brewery where we met a man about a horse (yes we really did befriend this man and yes, his horse wanted to come home with us, please honey?!?)....

before enjoying the 7 floors of hoppy heaven and the grand finale of a real deal pint poured from the holy source...

There are so many more photos to share but I must get to bed or we will miss our train to Galway tomorrow! Until then...


david mcmahon said...


Delighted to find updates on your blog even though you;re away on holiday.

Ireland? I am so envious.

My absolute favourite is the third shot here. Great piece of framing.

Have a wonderful time in Galway. By the way, did you ever read any work by J. M. Synge?

Travel safe

Keep smiling


Erin said...

What fun! I can't believe you're blogging while on vacation. But I'm glad to "tag along" virtually. Thanks for sharing.

Emily A said...

Hey! Glad you made it safely across the pond! I just caught up on the goings-on while I was away and look forward to reading all about your trip--talk to you when ya'll are back!

Shaina and Jon say hello!


Anonymous said...

I think Lola and Smokey would love the addition of a little pony. What a fun trip home that would be!!!
I love the photo's and info thus far...keep it up!
Have a great time, and, be safe!
nancy b