Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whats been cooking? And sharing the love...

It's been so long since last I've posted I'm nearly embarassed to take up again now, so let me begin by saying that the answer to the title of this post is....a whole heck of a lot! In fact, instead of trying to explain the hiatus in culinary creations I'll share with you a photo of what I have been cooking while not in the kitchen:

Flipper @ 12 weeks (and already pondering the meaning of life!)

When I first stopped posting it was out of excitement, nerves, enter adjective here. However, slowly over time the excitement turned to nausea and that nausea turned into an inability to sit in the kitchen for longer than it takes to pour a glass of water much less the time it takes to sautee an onion.

I know, quit your kvetching! I'm merely one in a zillion women who have done this before me. Perhaps I should claim empathy instead of demand sympathy? Again, I digress... See! not much has really changed in the past month and a half.

So I have more news...not only have we created a whole new life in the past few months...but the adorable, lovely, and talented Val from More Than Burnt Toast has given me the most thoughtful and wonderful gift and inspired me to ditch the dramatic nausea complaints and re-enter the blogosphere, if only to show you pictures of the taco bell burrito I ate last night. I know, it's pretty disgusting!

Val has bestowed upon me the nice matters award which is so exciting because I've never been awarded anything in blogland. In fact, come to think of it, I don't think I've won anything since battle of the bands circa 1998. Yikes!

So thanks to Val for sharing her kindness with me. I am constantly inspired by her Mediterranean themed cuisine and think I might actually warm up a saucepan again soon to make her recent creation of chicken in avgolemeno sauce. It is the first normal thing to sound good to me in 2 months! Woo hoo!

Now for the fun part, I get to pay it forward to 5 of my favorite fellow bloggers! What a nice way to tell someone you think they're swell. Here goes:

The first recipient of the nice matters award was my first friend in the blogosphere. She became a fast friend and we were soon emailing recipes and craft ideas over the pipelines. She is an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with...and she is the lovely Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts!

Number two is another culinary genius whose passion for cooking is equal to her desire to help others, including saving many of my potential kitchen disasters. She's a maven and needs no introduction and is the brilliant Lisa of La Mia Cucina.

Number three is another person who wins the award for perpetual niceness and gladly takes newbies (yes, I did just write that) under his wing to share words of wisdom and that is David from Authorblog.

Numero four is happily bestowed to my sister in law and fellow blogger who has taken it upon herself to single handedly save the world from imminent disaster. All joking aside, she is passionate about making this world a better place, especially for women, and Galina from Oh, Your a Feminist! is one of my all time favorite people.

The final award, number five if your counting, goes to my favorite partner in crime who constantly inspires me with her menus (how do you do it!??!) and is a most warm and generous lady. My favorite American living abroad, the last one goes to the incredible Katie from A Thyme for Cooking.

If you've read this far, thanks! I hope you will take a look at the incredible blogs written by these wonderful warm folks. I'm grateful that you have let me join your community and look forward to sharing tasty treats again real soon...

Until then, happy eating!