Monday, September 17, 2007

You say cannonball, I say Kugel

When it comes to the literal translation of Kugel the jury is out. Some say it's germanic for square, while others say think it comes from a word meaning cannonball or ball.

What I do know is that apparently the Kugel, a traditional Jewish dish seen at nearly every celebration from Rosh Hashana to Passover, has enjoyed a long and mystical history.

So what looks like a less than perfect concoction of noodles, sweet cheeses and dried fruit was actually once the hallmark of the holy sabbath meal, the pinnacle of the eating experience. In fact, it is said that the presentation of the Kugel during the meal is when the Rebbe had the power to bestow health, wealth, and even conception. Who knew?

It looks like this less than photogenic yet tasty dish is further proof that you can't judge a book by it's cover!

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Anonymous said...

That picture makes me want a piece, right now! I love the idea of the cherries. I have always used dried apricots and canned pineapple...cherries will be next!
nancy b