Friday, September 21, 2007

Inspired by Alice: The greenmarket challenge

This mornings walk through the farmers market was both ordinary and extraordinary. After watching Alice Waters' video on the NYT this a.m. (thanks Em for keeping me in the know!) I noticed my own peculiar shopping pattern as I wander through stalls smelling, tasting and generally relishing each mornings finds.

In honor of Alice, and the fact that going green is good for so many things, including your health, wallet and your altruistic tendencies, I present you with a challenge: How far can you stretch your green by going green?

This mornings shopping trip found me full to the brim with heart healthy eats! My shopping bag (imported from our trip to Paris) is full of seasonal treats that won't break the bank:

So not only are you supporting actual people whose lives are dedicated to providing quality nourishment to you and your family, you are saving green when you shop green.

My challenge to you is how far can you stretch a budget? For starters I will share with you my food finds from today. I spent $34.60 and came home with everything on this table:

See! You can save green while shopping green.

I don't know about you, but if I were to walk into a Whole Foods or even a shoddy Food Emporium, there is no way I would walk out with: a dozen organic brown eggs, a pint of yellow cherry tomatoes, an avocado squash, 5 ears of corn (FIVE for $2),a bag of mixed organic lettuce, two cousa squash, three red bell peppers, 1 lb. of lima beans in their shell, 3/4 lb. organic yellow wax beans, a 3 lb. butternut squash, and two freshly baked round challah's for tomorrow's break fast.

So what do you say? Can you make it a point to go to one farmers market in the next week and see how far you can stretch, say, $30?

I'll leave you with a simple summer/fall lunch menu that is as comforting to eat as it is to look at and hope that some of you will join my challenge to save green, shop green and join the locavore club:

Homemade bread topped with miniature red heirloom tomatoes (remember this post?), organic mesclun, asian tofu, cherry tomatoes and a sliced pippin apple. Not too many instructions, slice and place...and enjoy!


Gary said...

It's a veritable cornucopia! and not just because there is corn involved.

katiez said...

5 ears of corn for 2 bucks?!?!?! Wow, am I ever out of touch with U.S. prices. I accept the fact that it's supposed to be a good price... And I've been gon 11 years.. Oh, but you live in the city, right? Oh yes, then there's the fact that you CAN buy it..I can't here, have to grow my own.
Thank the gods I have a garden....
Your haul does look lovely and sooo healthy...

amandajean said...

this week my family and I started on a healthier lifestyle quest. we are trying to eat as healthy as possible without breaking the bank. it is time consuming and requires a lot of planning. I have come to the conclusion that I need to approach this as a fun challenge. I have been experimenting with new things this week and I am excited because everything has been tasting good. so any tips you can pass my way, please do!

I use the farmer's market as much as I can. But things are winding down for the season already since it has already froze here.

I made a twist on the fish recipe that you passed along to me and the kids were hesitant to try it, but they all loved it. I have to say that it is fun to be taking action toward a healthier lifestyle, as hard as the adjustment may be. So, I'll join in your going green challenge! :)

david mcmahon said...

Gary beat me to the punch on that one, Lindsay.

Love ya work!

marye said...

That looks wonderful. Our farmer's market is somewhat of a challenge since being in the midst of a large city many of the *farmers* gather their crops at the local wholesaler before driving down the block to the farmer's market. >:(
and I miss the days of summer corn for 10 for a dollar or so...

Vera said...

loved the post & the link..passed it along to a couple of other cooks in our family.
how much longer will you have the farmers market available? xxxxx vera

countrygirlcityliving said...

Yes it was! I cannot wait to make the butternut squash!

I would love to see your garden and hear the story of how you moved from the states to a beautiful farm in the middle of France. Care to share?

Hooray! I knew you would be in :) I would love to swap cooking tips. What did you buy this week? Have you ever made homemade mayo/garlic aioli? Let me know what you have 'gathered' and I will share my thoughts. And I would love to hear about your adaptation on the fish recipe!

I'm glad you liked the post! Stay tuned for tomorrows take on a day in the life. Should be fun!

It's tough to find true local markets, but there are places in every state and several resources in each city, too! Start here and tell me if you have any luck, I want to hear about your progress!

Lucky for us the market is year round. Given we won't be getting fresh tomatoes for much longer we will certainly have our fill of brussels sprouts and winter squash soon. The potatoes are buttery good and the heartier leafier things are also perfect about now. It's fun to see what the seasons bring. I'm sure our plates won't be nearly as colorful in a few months, but awaiting the first asparagus will be something else!