Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Paris: How do I love thee? Let me count thy ways. Part II

Ever since our return from this great city, it has become apparent that I could honestly create an entire new blog dedicated exclusively to this magical place.

If the theme to my first post was the grandiose, then the extraordinary in the ordinary seems to be a common theme here.

So without further ado, I leave you with the last installment of our travels through Paris. I can't wait to return and add to this thread. Until then...

I love the colors in which you dream:
And the beauty in your everyday:

The colorful storefronts:

...and the mouthwatering:

The cozy cobblestone street:

Your rich history:

Your cast of characters:
The feeling that I've somehow been here:

The classy way you get around:

The simple beauty around every corner:

Your delicious street food:

And your inviting local produce (oh what a menu I could make):
And the hidden charm behind every doorway:

This is Paris, and this is surely why the world continues to have it's greatest love affair with her.


Colleen said...

Oh Lindsay,
Those photos are simply exqusite! I found myself oooing and ahhhing at every one! You took pictures that capture all of the five senses. Great job!

countrygirlcityliving said...

Thank you Colleen! It's easy to take great photos when you are completely taken with your subject...and who isn't in love with Paris?!?!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Merci for the GREAT pictures!!

amandajean said...

your beautiful photos make me want to jump on a plane to Paris tomorrow. the colorful storefronts are fabulous.

david mcmahon said...

Lovely shots, Lindsay.

I love Paris - and you bring it to your readers in wonderful style.

Now, my friend, I have something to tell you. You know that shot of the Metro? Well, watch my blog - will post something for you before Sunday, I promise.



Anonymous said...

I think we all share the same love affair with can you not? Beautiful photos and comments....and, falafel!!!
nancy b