Monday, September 24, 2007

Simple end of summer side dish....

Okay, so clearly you weren't intrigued by my poetry. I get the point, stick to the food lady!

In case you haven't noticed, fresh corn is at it's peak about now and it's really reasonable to buy by the boatload. But what to do with all that creamy sweet cobbed corn? Why create many mini meals and side dishes and PLEASE don't forget to freeze some for later, you will thank me I promise :)

Once off the cob, this corn turns golden brown and begins smiling with the addition of some fresh rocambole garlic and olive oil. You can either remove it from the pan to make the risotto, adding it in later, or you can just make it all at once which gives the corn a velvety texture.

Either way, this is a simple and satisfying side dish. But top it with some grilled shrimp, tuna or a piece of roasted chicken and you will hear crickets at dinner!


katiez said...

I have 2 ears of corn left in the garden and have been wondering what to do with them - short of drawing straws to see who gets to eath them... Great idea!

countrygirlcityliving said...

Let me know how it turns out Katie! I sure wish I were able to grow corn in my backyard. Do you think the bookstore would mind if I leveled it to start a crop?