Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Easy as cheese

Have you ever made something so easy, so simple, and yet so delicious, that you were almost embarrassed about how wonderful it turns out for the amount or work put in?

Greek Caprese: Grilled Haloumi and Cherry Tomatoes
Well this little duo over here is a new twist on the caprese salad that is sure to delight any lucky consumer. We like to make this for guests as it is an easy finger food and it's always the first to go at any dinner party/picnic. And since the summer is drawing to a close and those tomatoes are so delicious right now I just had to share.

The simple ingredients are haloumi cheese (I was sold at first bit) and tomatoes of your choice. Yes, you can substitute cuke, peppers, sauteed eggplant, whatever! Really there is no way to mess this one up.

If you are not yet familiar with this cheese, it comes in a lopsided chunk somewhere between feta and mozzarella in your dairy section. It's called 'the grilling cheese' because it holds up to the hot pan and does something is able to sear the soft cheese on the inside while creating a nice brownish crunch on the outside.

This one is so simple it doesn't get it's own recipe page.

Greek Caprese Salad, or something like that

1 package haloumi cheese
1 container grape tomatoes (sub veggies in here)

Slice cheese into .5 inch slices and place in a hot pan over medium high heat for 2 minutes per side, or until it turns golden brown on each side. Do not remove it early, be brave, it will be so worth it.

Remove cheese from pan, slice into smaller pieces if you are toothpicking it, as seen here, pick up a rinsed cherry tomato with a toothpick, then this incredible cheese, and reward your efforts by being the first to try!

It is also lovely with a nice heirloom tomato slice if you keep the haloumi in whole slices a la caprese.



amandajean said...

I am so going to try this~if I can find that kind of cheese. (I should be able to, I live in America's Dairyland!)

countrygirlcityliving said...

You will love it! I can't wait to hear about how it turns out. Please let me know.

Lis said...

holy crap that sounds delish! I've never heard of this cheese.. will so be on the look out, thanks!

I've got a fridge full of bags upon bags of grape tomatoes from our garden so this will use up quite a few of them.. can't wait! =)


Gary said...

You forgot one key ingredient: the multi-colored toothpicks!

Colleen said...

what a great idea! Forget Martha, you are way better. :0)

countrygirlcityliving said...

Hello Lis! Please do try this and let me know how it goes. This cheese is really incredibly yummy!
All the best,

countrygirlcityliving said...

Thank you for keeping my honest darling. Yes folks, the key ingredient is the use of various colored toothpicks lovingly placed atop this appetizer by my adorably hubby :)

countrygirlcityliving said...

That is the nicest compliment I have received probably ever! Although I hope it doesn't land me in prison for fraud :)
Seriously, thank you. And the offer still stands. If you are in NYC, please stop by our dinner table!
All the best,