Saturday, September 22, 2007

Have you ever?

Today was perhaps the highest holy day of the year for us. Being quasi-observant, we decided to fast and so spent the whole day wandering the city, including the farmers market, somewhat masochistic of us if you ask me, with a few minutes towards the end of our day at a makeshift temple filled with other famished followers.

Again I digress! You aren't surprised, are you :)

The reason for this pithy post may seem futile, but I just HAD to share with you the mind blowing taste of food after a day of not eating. Perhaps it was the particular fresh pink ping pong tomatoes (if you can find these locally stock up...they are seriously like crack!!!), crunchy kirby's, sweet bi-colored corn, salty sheep's milk feta or any of the other goodies gathered from today's market. What I do know, is not only are fresh, local ingredients better tasting, but after a day of longing they are absolutely sublime.

Maybe if we all took a day to pause and appreciate what is on our plate before we scarf it down we would be better able to taste the countless hours of effort that contribute to each tiny morsel.

So come on, jump on the john deere, er..., band wagon. Shop locally once a week and tell me if it doesn't make all the difference.

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