Monday, September 3, 2007

It is easy being green!

Ever since my friend Em bought me THAT book, I have been highly concerned with creating meals with fresh, local, organic, ingredients.

Now I've not gone off the deep end to swear off flours, grains, rice, essentially the carbs we need that aren't always ground nearby. And I'm not entirely dedicated to eating potatoes all winter.

However, what I am concerned with is supporting local farmers and eating as much local produce when it is at it's freshest. Which is precisely where this delicious, hearty and healthy dinner fits in.

Every bit of food on this plate was caught or raised within a 75 mile radius of our home and it includes fresh veggies (tomatoes, red pepper, onions, garlic, thyme, new potatoes, dill) and protein (fresh Atlantic flounder, local eggs).

Even if you can't buy everything from a farmer, eating foods when they are in season brings a whole new meaning to fresh. In fact, it might find you enjoying a veggie previously sworn off, probably from childhood, and probably because you attempted to eat something like asparagus in the middle of December.

Again, I'm not proselytizing here because we will HAVE to eat veggies this winter and we don't exactly have a root cellar in our 3rd floor apartment in the the middle of NYC. You see, the neighbors below might have complained. But with a head towards being more environmentally conscious we will savor healthier foods when they were meant to be enjoyed and that means better eating!


Thimbleanna said...

Man o' man -- does that flounder ever look yummy!

mrsnesbitt said...

I am hungry now!
I came here via David's blog........very interesting for lunch!

amandajean said...

eating fresh is so much better...we have been doing a lot of that, too. I have been enjoying my local farmer's market for veggies (and now apples) this summer. when we lived in Michigan we lived amid a ton of orchards and it was great to go pick your own produce. I really miss it.
your meal looks wonderful.

countrygirlcityliving said...

It was delicious and it's so easy! Try making it and tell me how it turns out!

Mrs. Nesbitt-
I'm so happy you dropped by. David has been a great help in starting this whole blog thing!

When/where did you live in Michigan? That's where I grew up! I knew you were a kindred spirit :)

Emilie said...

This sounds like a delicious recipe! I would love to try it, if we could get a piece of fresh fish out here. The midwest is not known for its seafood.