Sunday, July 8, 2007

training wheels.

i'm entirely new to this whole thing so please forgive the trepidation with which i approach publishing my thoughts for the world to see.

i called this training wheels because i never was very good at starting new things. you see, when my dad took the training wheels off my first bike i proceeded to throw it on the ground and yell at it as if this inanimate object was somehow responsible for my lack of balance. (i've never been very graceful, or reasonable for that matter!) but like all things, i learned to love my first bike and am hoping that this adventure in public sharing is equally positive.

interesting that at a tender age of (EEK) 30 i am finally allowing myself to enter blog-dom, but hey, when your family lives all over the globe i guess there really is no better way of keeping in touch, relaying news, and sharing pictures of our sometimes funny, often entertaining and always exciting life in the city.

seeing as that nothing terribly interesting is going on in my world at the moment, except that there is much work to be done while i finagle with this new toy, i will leave this as the inaugural post and await a moment of inspiration.

until then...

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