Monday, July 9, 2007

one more saturday night

okay so it wasn't really saturday but sunday night, rather. and it's not nearly as interesting as if i actually owned a victrola, or a simple record player for that matter...

what this is, however, is a retroactive post (and the reason for this whole blog business in the first place) about our funny little life in the center of the universe. otherwise known as new york city.

it might not strike you as odd, but for this little midwestern girl thrown smack dab in the middle of this monstrous city (please don't feel bad for me, i push people out of the way all the time :) and hey, i've been here almost 10 years) to have the wonders of a country life in the midst of the concrete jungle in which we live is quite remarkable. and thus sprung the idea of this here blog.

i digress....

me: going to the farmers market honey, shall i see if there are any more avocado squash to make with the scallops for dinner?
husband: sure, also can you see if the guys at berryknoll have any more of the heirloom tomatoes and purple basil, that shrimp bisque was out of this world!

and it continues....

the moral of this oh so entertaining conversation between the boy and yours truly is that in the midst of this absolutely mad city there is a place like no other, where four days a week we can shop for produce lovingly plucked from the land as recently as that morning. (okay so probably they pick it the day before)

and so in honor of this incredible buzzing metropolis with little treasures lurking around every corner, i post for you my passion (and hubby's!), some photos from our cooking expeditions courtesy of the union square farmers market.

does it get any better than this?

(top: Parmesan-crusted Atlantic sea scallops with roasted summer squash)
(bottom: Rock shrimp and corn bisque with sofrito and purple basil)

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