Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hooray for birthdays and relatives!

Hooray for birthdays!

Thanks to Cousin Peggi & the Schmelter Clan (Daniel, Jeff & Lee) I am the proud new owner of this (too cute to use but not to display!) grater. I'm sure you are all jealous of this uber-cute kitchen accessory so I will tell you that it's from a company called Nonni and this cute girl (shall I name her Nonni?) will most certainly be welcoming other members to her grater family, get it--grater!, as soon as I find out where these cute knick nacks are sold.
So, thank you so much Cuz, you always remember the milestones and celebrate them so perfectly!
Stay tuned for a post later this evening describing the tempting meal that this girl helps me create...

Without a flash she is even cuter!

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