Friday, July 20, 2007

the secret to my success: a farmers life for me

Okay, so there is no real secret... at least not one that every home cook hasn't already figured out. The key to incredible meals is fresh ingredients.

you can't tell but these were HUGE squash; currants ; currants, gooseberries and sugarplums

Living in Union Square we are blessed with a phenomenal green market market bursting with an abundance of delicacies from veggies and eggs to flowers and cheese, four days a week. How dare I speak of moving to the burbs when this paradise is but a five minute walk from my front door?

sugarplums; peaches

This morning I thought I would share with you some photos the hubby took while wrangling the dog, holding a dozen bags and keeping track of a wandering wife. Told you he was amazing...

fresh herbs from Keith's; sweet and sour cherries; raspberries


krCampbell said...

Are you a food photographer? Wonderful pictures and recipe. Thanks.

citylivingcountrygirl said...

hi krcampbell! thank you for the flattery but i have to admit it was my darling husband who snapped these shots. maybe i should encourage him to change careers??