Monday, October 8, 2007

Why we love weekends with the family...

This weekend found us traveling north to spend time with darling hubby's family. Two birthdays in one weekend meant a lot of running around. But our mom (mom-in-law for me!) always makes us feel relaxed and at home.

We were greeted first thing in the morning by this delicious homemade bread/cake/amazingness. It's called zapikanka(please forgive me while I totally slaughter that Russian word.) All you need to know is that it's a dense cake like treat filled with sweetened cranberries and baked with ricotta cheese.

Add in the fact that we were able to eat it on the back deck overlooking a small forest of jewel toned trees and it's pretty magical. In fact, I just call it yum.

Oh, and we met our new nephew (and Lola's cousin) Beans. Yes, I think he is Beans with an S and gets extra points for cuteness with that added consonant. He is just about the cutest little thing ever with his brindled coat and his big beagle ears. What a darling boy!

Our big girl was able to go hiking in the woods and then proceeded to find the nearest lake where she decided to get as dirty.....

...and as happy as I've seen her in a while! The shaking off of lake water on mom's legs wasn't my favorite thing. But seeing how happy it made her certainly made it all worth it for us!

All and all it was a pretty tiring day for this little guy and us! We ate and drank and then ate some more.... (photo below is of the absolutely delish salad made with fresh sheeps milk feta, basil, pink ping pong tomatoes, and kerby cukes tossed with some good olive oil, balsamic, kosher salt and black pepper)

And when it was time to go home we all wondered where the weekend went!

Except for little Beans. He was too busy getting ready for another day :)


amandajean said...

that sounds like a fabulous weekend! and great eating, too?....perfect.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wow, that piece of cake looks absolutely delicious...I want a piece. :)

Manggy said...

That looks so comforting. I love learning about regional cooking (bonus if they have exotic-sounding names, heh) :)

Anonymous said...

The Beanster is famous!! Thanks for featuring him in your blog, i'll show him the picture tonight :)And thanks again for all the things your brought over for us. The perfect brownie pan is exactly that, perfect. I can't wait to make lasagna this week! And Beans loves all his new toys, he's a spoiled puppy already :) He especially loves peanut-butter in his new kong, but then again, i guess i would too :)
<3 g

Anonymous said...

Looks like another fun/food filled weekend. Nothing like spending good times with friends/family...and, you definately did!
Happy you are so happy!
Nancy B
p.s. Also so great that Lola's birthday party list is growing!

Colleen said...

What an adorable post. =)

david mcmahon said...

That first picture is awesome!