Friday, October 26, 2007

A new twist on an old favorite

It has been a while since I last posted, and for that I apologize. It seems as if the title of this post would have been appropriate if it were instead called "The Perfect Storm." Maybe I'll repost under that heading a bit later.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you a weekend favorite at our house before the weekend gets started. My hope is that maybe someone will want to make this yummy breakfast this weekend and with a proper heads up, you will have time to stop at the (farmers'??) market on the way home and be prepared for tomorrow's breakfast.

This may not be the prettiest of photos, but this breakfast was a knock your socks off kind of creation. (And not the way the Yanks feel about their arch nemesis.)

Huevos Rancheros a la Port-ment

First, some clarification:
Port=us. Huevos rancheros=just plain happiness on a plate, or if you want to get technical it means ranch eggs. And we live in an apartment, thus port-ment. Capesh?

Now we often stumble into a place like chat'n'chew where they plate their huevos on a bed of nacho chips, or sometimes we are all fancy-like and visit the culinary genius Flay at Mesa Grill where they have all sorts of renditions of this goody.

However, in our house, we can make it however we please...which means we can use the spicy fresh chorizo from the farmers market fried up with some onions, garlic and a fresh heirloom tomato, make the eggs with dill, squash and garlic, and then pile it all on a thick slice of grain bread to scoop up all the liquid from it's upstairs neighbors. Grate some fresh smoked gouda on top and you are in business. A pile of goodness, if you ask me!

So there's a fun weekend breakfast for you. I hope someone enjoys it, because we sure do!

In other news, we are going on a field trip (i.e., a gaggle of my favorite friends are using this as an excuse not to write up much overdo research) to see Emeril today and although he isn't my favorite chef I am excited to see a BAM! in person. If I happen to snap a photo with my phone I'll post it for anyone who is interested.

Otherwise, happy Friday and in honor of our southern breakfast...ya'll come back now, ya hear?


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great saturday morning, i have my shopping list, thanks to you!
oh, and, say HI to Emeril for me. Be sure and tell him your mother said he can learn a few things from you!
nancy b

Gary said...

"maybe someone will want to make this yummy breakfast this weekend and with a proper heads up...."

I want this again! Consider this the heads up. :)

amandajean said...

enjoy seeing Emeril! I hope to see pictures.

katiez said...

Eggs, spice, tomato, perfect! I love breakfasts like that! Makes todays oatmeal seem really, really, boring. Have fun with what's his name!

cyn said...

As a Mexican, I usually take American approaches to Mexican food with a pinch of salt. I can never trust them, because they tend to be very tex-mex, very industrial or very, well, americanised. But these huevos rancheros look extremely delicious. A good US and MX fussion breakfast that doesn't look like a caricature of Mexican and/or American cuisine. And you use the best of both worlds!