Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a, er...wrong super hero...

I thought I would share with you a photo of our little Lola dressed up as batgirl (ahem, grrrl) for Halloween this year. There is an annual parade at Washington Square Park every year where all the dogs don their favorite costumes (sheah right, it's really us nutso owners!) and strut their stuff. There are many other photos to share, perhaps I'll post them in the days to come.

This superdog is on the lookout for new seasonal recipes. In fact, inspired by the colors of the season we are sharing with you our favorite new concoction, sweet potato chips.

Crunchy, sweet, salty and smokey. These sweet potato chips take a nod from their fry cousins and are sliced thinner and in circles to ensure maximum surface area for the smoky cumin to rest and guarantees a slight crisp on both sides.

There's no trick to this recipe and I guarantee it becomes a beloved treat in no time!

Happy Halloween, happy seasonal eating, and don't forget to save a 3 musketeers for me!

*Thanks to super hubby for the creative title, and the most delicious roasted chicken in the world last night for dinner.


Deborah said...

Oh! I wish they had a dog event like that here! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lola....
I loved your costume, suits you very well! One thing was missing however...where is the bag for all the treats you should be collecting? Make sure mom and dad don't take the Snickers!
Happy Halloween to all the Portnoys!
nancy b

david mcmahon said...

Very nice title - congratulations to your husband.

The novel's done and I'm back in blogland!

amandajean said...

I'll have to show this photo of Lola to my boys...they'll love it....they LOVE batman.

glad to see you back here. are things settling down a bit yet?

Colleen said...

Oh this is great. Lola is so adorable. That parade sounds hilarious. And the chips look delish! BTW I love the little picture of the daring bakers to the right. It's really cute =)

katiez said...

Our Emma could go as a Holstein cow...(poor Emma!)
Love the sweet potato chips - I bake white chips like that lots; but, now that it's sweet potato season, must do these!

Elle said...

Your dog in bat costume looks spectacualar, but I'm also drawn to those orange sweet potato chips. I made wedges much the same way, but forgot to watch them closely and they almost burned...lots of sugar in there.
Happy Halloween a day late!