Saturday, October 20, 2007

Candy Corn Inspired


When I stopped into the local Walgreens a few weeks ago I was greeted with an onslaught of Halloween treats. Whereas usually I would seize this excuse to stock up on mini-snickers and three musketeers to freeze and eat slovenly over the next month--the stockpile in my freezer reminded me that there really was no vacancy!

Alas! What's a girl to do? Improvise I suppose.

And so as I payed for my greeting card or toilet paper, or whatever it was that I was buying, those little devilish candy corn winked at me and I knew what I must do.

(Caveat: I actually don't like candy corn. I think it's like eating sweetened lipstick. And no, I have never tried eating lipstick, much less the sweetened variety!)

And so here you have it. Another recipe for my beloved bakers edge pan and a great seasonal treat. It's a pumpkin tart like bottom with a chewy brownie like middle and gooey toasted marshmallows on top. Sounds terrible, right? Well as good as it was the first day, it was even better the next.

Stay tuned for the recipe. In the mean time go enjoy this lovely day for me please...the weather is be-au-ti-ful and the farmer's market is bustling with all kinds of goodness!


amandajean said...

as much as I am not a sweets girl, I do love me a good brownie. and with a toasted marshmallow top? I am looking forward to the recipe!

katiez said...

That looks all very nice...and sounds lovely...but my mind is still stuck on the mini-snickers...
A whole bagful of mini-snickers....
You may have the Three Musketeers. And the candy corn.

countrygirlcityliving said...

It was super yummy and more cake-y than brownie. Also, the hubby liked it lots b/c it was not super sweet.

Don't even get me started.... wanna share some freezer space and we can munch on frozen snickers all winter?

Stefanie said...

YUM! We must not be related, candy corn was always one of my favorites-- in fact, I have a bag at my desk right now! As always, impressed with your creativity and posts :) xo

Anonymous said...

trick or treat...fill my halloween bag NOW!!!
is it possible for a sweet tooth to drool? if not, I may have the first!
looks amazing, can't wait to try one!
nancy b

Sara said...

Those brownies are quite cleverly creative and original. And kinda pretty.

Even as a kid I hated candy corn for eating, but I just LOVE the way they look! I pretty glass bowl full of them sitting on a table would be just lovely this time of year.