Saturday, December 8, 2007

What we've been up to is 1, 2, 3....

1: Our first snow!!!

How exciting for little Lola to romp around with her boyfriend Hudson and enjoy this wonderful treat:

2: The second night of the holiday of light

Thanks to sister Stef for getting us this adorable Menorah as a wedding gift several years back. The tulips and lady bugs make me smile:

3: Just three ingredients and 15 minutes to a homemade cookie (thank goodness for my amazing friend Amanda at CrazyMomQuilts/Cooks)

No, I did not stutter. These delicious cookies were in my mouth about 15 minutes after I decided to make them and yes, they were cooked!

So easy I think Lola might be able to make them:

1 c. peanut butter (we use chunky)
1 c. sugar (i used 1/2 brown 1/2 reg.)
1 egg

preheat oven to 350. mix ingredients. place on a cookie sheet. press down with fork to make cute grooves. bake for 10-12 minutes. eat!

But of course we had to go a little nuts and add some dark chocolate because, really, isn't everything better with a bit of chocolate?

It's been a busy few weeks around our house, but please stay tuned for the big round up from our super successful and exciting Seasoned Eatings contest!


amandajean said...

glad you are enjoying the cookies. I never thought of adding the brown sugar. and my husband still scoffs that someone would dare taint the perfect pb cookie with chocolate. but hey, I don't blame you! :)

Manggy said...

Hi Lindsay! Honestly? Though it's cute at times, animals pairing up makes me nervous. It's like they're always two seconds away from doing the nasty, haha :)

I haven't yet tried pure peanut cookies. It seems too hardcore for me (no flour to blunt the taste :)

katiez said...

Chocolate is always improved by peanut butter! No, wait...
Peanut butter is always improved by chocolate! No wait...
Cute doggies! My Emma would love a good snow bath (maybe it would get the bunny taint off her...)

Anonymous said...

How lucky for Lola and Hudson...enjoying a fun run on a snow covered rooftop in NYC!!! And, after they got peanut butter cookies and milk...while they enjoyed the lighting of the menorah...doesn't get any better than that! What did Smokey think of all of this???
Nancy B

countrygirlcityliving said...

AmandaJean-Thank you for the great recipe, they were easy and so delicious!

Manggy-They taste like regular peanut butter cookies, it's amazing! You should try them =)

KatieZ- Agreed, it's a great combo. And I bet Emma would love to play with Lola on the NYC rooftops in the fresh snow!

NancyB- You will get to witness this excitement first hand very soon, and you can ask Smokey in purrrr-son.

Sara said...

Gosh, baked peanut butter! Who would have guessed. They do look delicious.

I like your tulip Menorah.

Peter M said...

How can I resist not trying these?

"You got chocolate on my peanut butter...."

sulu-design said...

Of course Amandajean was behind that awesome recipe. She's the one who turned me on to your blog, and she's quite the smart and crafty homemaker. Thanks for passing it on!

cyn said...

Wow. That recipe looks incredibly easy and incredibly delicious. Must do it tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing.