Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Family dinners

We were blessed to have G's sister and sis's boyfriend as visitors this weekend and between window admiring up fifth avenue, shoving our way to the tree at Rockefeller Center and me trying to tie up lose ends from this semester at work/school, we found time to create some scrumptious culinary delights.

Pan seared pumpkin gnocchi and sage butternut squash with roasted rosemary and garlic lamb chops

Because I know that our little feminist loves everything seasonal (especially squash) I adapted a favorite recipe by adding *pumpkin* gnocchi in lieu of the traditional type. It was beyond delicious, as evident by the speed at which we devoured it and the silence that accompanied!

Forgive this short post but stay tuned for the big daring bakers reveal later this week. Our house guests this weekend were instrumental in creating this months challenge, especially in the entertainment department.

Oh! Also, stay tuned for the big seasoned eatings reveal where my partner in crime and I show you all of the gifts that fellow bloggers sent around the globe and the resulting delicious creations. It's a big week =)


Feminist Gal said...

Honestly, i can't wait for the daring bakers reveal because that was the most fun i've had "cooking" in a long long time...

And by "cooking" i am strictly talking about crowding you in the kitchen, catching towels on fire, and being a gigantic pain in the ass! ;)

Lannae said...

LOL! Towels on fire! Oh, I mean, that is a great way to contribute to cooking a fine meal, that is with the traditional towel fire.

Besides towel fires, how did you make the lamb and gnocchi? Looks fab!

Anonymous said...

beautiful presentation, delicious and creatively displayed. that is the artist in you!


nancy b