Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are you spicy enough?

It's about that time of year... The time we reconvene with our couch, our loved ones, and our stove. The summer heat is but a distant memory and we are left with the excitement of the holidays on the horizon.

Eat your heart out parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme...

As a novice blogger and baker, I thought that a neat way to celebrate the holiday with my new friends would be a kind of global sharing of local flavors with an added element of gifting and surprise. I mean, what's better than sharing good food with good friends and a surprise present to boot?

So after many conversations with the lovely Katie from a Thyme for Cooking, we are going to try a new adventure in blogland with the help of YOU, called "Seasoned Eatings."

Turkish viagra and other delights (If only I were kidding)

Cute name, but what the heck does it mean?

1) Your task is to find one spice, that is either local to your area or is representative of your cooking style.
The Spice Market in Istanbul (Summer 2005)

2) Then you package it up and send it off to the blogger you are assigned to (this is how we will maintain the element of surprise). With the package you send to your secret recipient you will add a recipe for the spice you are including.

3) Then, when you receive your package in the mail you get to post a picture of the package and your reaction to the mystery ingredient.

4) The second post (or the first if you are uber-motivated) will be the picture of the recipe you made with your ingredient.

Easy? Kind of. Fun? Heck yeah!

So come on! Join us in our international culinary gift-a-thon. Leave a message in the comments section if you are willing to play!

Now who's in for some seasoned eatings?


katiez said...

Ooooh. Well Done! I love the pics. I'll post and do a link back today.

Sara said...

Sounds kinda fun!
By the way, I've ordered the Vegeta and it's on its way...should be arriving any day now.

Lisa said...

I'm SO in!

Lisa in Seoul, South Korea.

Peter M said...

As you know, I'm already in and I loved your pics of Istanbul's spice market. I was there this past summer and I of course, love it.

As for the Turkish Viagra...I don't need it!

Feminist Gal said...

Happy Turkey Day Linds! Sorry we won't be spending the meal together but hopefully you are enjoying your family and the warm weather :)
<3 g